D-Wave Launch

The On-Board to Quantum Computing Program

It’s time to start your quantum journey. Forward-thinking organizations see quantum as an opportunity to leap ahead of the competition. Don’t be left behind.


Go From Problem Discovery to Deployment with D-Wave Launch

Ready to get started but not sure how? D-Wave Launch is the on-board to quantum computing. It has been designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery through production implementation.

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Problem Discovery 01

Problem Discovery

Identify the best use case for quantum

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Quantum Proof of Concept

Develop a quantum PoC and prototype application

Production Pilot 01

Production Pilot

Deploy a limited production-scale application

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Get your application up and running in production


Problem Discovery

We're often asked, what are the right types of problems in my industry to run on a quantum computer? Our team of experts and partners will help you explore the right use cases for your business and quantum computing. The result of this phase will be an identified problem with potential business benefit from the use of hybrid quantum technologies. This will include online training, professional services, and access to the Leap™ quantum cloud service.

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Quantum Proof of Concept

We will work with you to take the problem identified as best for both your business and quantum and map that problem to run on the Leap quantum cloud service. The goal of this phase is to test business-relevant problems in real conditions. This will include access to experts from D-Wave or our partners who will work with you to translate your domain expertise into quantum applications. It will also include guided hands-on training for your teams and access to the Leap quantum cloud service.

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Production Pilot

Once you've seen the business benefit that quantum can bring, we'll help you move that application into test production. Whether piloting the application within one line of business or testing it in your environment, D-Wave and our partners will deliver the ongoing support needed to help you begin to get your applications up and running. This includes ongoing professional services support and access to the Leap quantum cloud service, sized to meet your needs.

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Here's where it gets really exciting—getting your hybrid quantum application up and running to benefit your business. This includes a small amount of professional services as well as ongoing Leap quantum cloud access to ensure your application is up and running smoothly and delivering business value. 

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