Quantum in Manufacturing, Logistics, Mobility, and More

Rising digitalization, increasing supply chain constraints, and ever-changing customer demands have challenged logistics operations in the enterprise. To transform supply chain business challenges into advantages, companies should incorporate new technologies—including quantum computing—into their operations now. 


Delivering Real Business Value Today

Our manufacturing, mobility, and logistics customers include Global 2000 customers such as Volkswagen, DENSO, and Toyota. They have identified complex business problems where quantum hybrid solutions can deliver an edge to help drive revenue, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Find out how D-Wave customer DENSO has applied our quantum technology to optimize urban transportation.

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Unlock Your New Competitive Edge

Forward-thinking manufacturing, logistics, and mobility businesses can secure a first-mover advantage today by starting to explore specific problems that can benefit from quantum computing. Get a head start on your quantum journey by identifying relevant quantum use cases now and achieving quantum solutions faster. Future-proof your business and accelerate time-to-value with smarter decision-making, enhanced risk management, lower operational costs, and increased revenue.

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“The auto-scheduler is saving both time and effort, trimming what was once an 80-hour task to just 15 hours each week, an 80%-time savings.”

Pattison Food Group

Built for Optimization Across the Value Chain

D-Wave's technology is based on quantum annealing, which is best for combinatorial optimization problems with large numbers of variables and constraints. These types of problems make up a large part of the manufacturing problem space across every part of the value chain, such as materials procurement, robotics, plant maintenance, route optimization, pricing, staffing, scheduling, and more. Using D-Wave quantum technology, Volkswagen saw a significant improvement in efficiency for both route optimization and a car painting assembly line.

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Make Quantum Part of Your Digital Strategy Today

D-Wave offers a phased, consultative approach that guides manufacturing enterprises along their quantum journey to ensure demonstrable success and early proven ROI. Get started with quantum computing today by working with us on use case identification, problem exploration and formulation, and building real-world in-production quantum applications.

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Ready to Launch Your Quantum Project?

D-Wave Launch™ is designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery to production implementation and accelerate the quantum journey. Engage our in-house professional services teams and technical domain experts to help kick off your first quantum project, train your teams on quantum, and realize real business value faster.

Get Started with D-Wave Launch
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Problem Discovery

Identify your key quantum use cases, build a proof-of-concept plan, train up your end users

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Quantum PoC

Build a working prototype or proof-of-concept using real application data, scope out production application roadmap

Production Pilot 01

Production Pilot

Build, test, and deploy a production application using a phased approach

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In Production

Deploy a live application at full production scale