Fast Track Your Quantum Journey with Quantum Computing Training

Expand your knowledge of quantum computing and get started building quantum applications today. With the Quantum Programming Core Training Class, you can accelerate quantum application development and ramp up quickly with expert training and mentorship. You’ll also connect with the Leap community and D-Wave experts to gain new ideas and skills while differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

What to Expect: Accelerated Learning and Time-to-Value

Not only will you quickly accelerate quantum application development with expert training, but you'll also gain fresh new ideas and skills while differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

The course will enable you to ‘think quantumly’ so that you can:  

  • Identify Quantum Use Cases: Identify quantum use cases across different verticals and application areas 
  • Formulate Quantum Problems: Break down optimization problems into distinct objectives and constraints 
  • Write QUBOs: Formulate optimization problems as quadratic models 
  • Start Coding: Write an Ocean program to run on D-Wave's quantum computer and hybrid solvers 
  • Get Solutions: Analyze and interpret results given by D-Wave's solvers 
  • Learn the Stack: Understand how D-Wave software tools interact with the hardware

“A great balance between quantum theory, industry examples and coding practice…taught by knowledgeable and responsive instructors! Overall I’d strongly recommend this course.”

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Quantum Programming "Core" Training: Skill Up for the Future Today

With this comprehensive, hands-on, and expert-led training you can quickly put theory into practice with real-world quantum applications. This self-paced course is designed for anyone who wants to learn the basics of quantum programming using D-Wave technology.

The course runs for one week, supported by optional live instructor office hours. Most learners report spending about 30 hours in total to complete the course. Course materials include recorded presentations, quizzes, and assignments which you can complete on your own schedule. You’ll also have access to a skilled instructor and other D-Wave experts. Read the datasheet to learn more about this course. 


“[This course] really was amazing. The most useful aspects were surely the videos and exercises, giving the right balance from theory to application.”

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Quantum QuickStart Bundle: Core Training PLUS UNLIMITED Leap Quantum Cloud Access

Get everything in our Quantum Programming Core Training PLUS unlimited Quantum and Quantum Hybrid access for a full month, so you can get hands-on with the product to test your skills without limits. Read the QuickStart bundle datasheet to learn more. 

You can start developing quickly with the core programming course. By upgrading to the Quantum QuickStart bundle, you can continue applying your new skills to immediately build and experiment with quantum applications-- at a fraction of the cost. Quantum QuickStart* provides UNLIMITED Leap Quantum Cloud Access for a whole month, which is up to a 90% savings!

*Offer only valid for first-time users

“The opportunity to run real examples on the D-Wave samplers was very educational. I learned a lot by listening to D-Wave researchers explain their work. The office hours were a great opportunity to discuss issues."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All learners who complete training will earn a course completion certificate, which can be downloaded, printed, and/or shared on LinkedIn. To successfully complete training, learners must pass all quizzes and assignments, all of which allow unlimited attempts and submissions so they can practice until they master the skills.

There are no formal prerequisite courses you need to complete before starting Quantum Programming Core. However, we do recommend that learners have intermediate Python programming experience, comfort working with math equations and graphs, and basic familiarity with matrix operations. 

Yes! Quantum Programming Core runs online for one week. We offer live instructor support via office hours, discussion boards, and emails. If needed, we also offer an extra “grace period” week to submit all assignments and quizzes for final grading so you can earn your course completion certificate. The course then switches to read-only mode for an additional month, which allows you to continue accessing course content, videos, and resources. Many of the course resources, including copies of the slide presentations and notes, are also available for download so you can keep references even after the course closes. 

No. Quantum Programming Core includes 12 minutes of solver access time, allowing you to complete all practice activities and assignments successfully. If you’d like to expand your access time to work on additional problems or quantum application development, you can upgrade by purchasing the Quick Start Leap Access training bundle. This will provide unlimited solver access time for an entire month.

Quantum computing training is designed for anyone who wants to upskill, reskill, or just learn more about quantum computing and quantum application development. You do not need to be a physicist, mathematician, or engineer to take this training. Training sessions have included individuals from healthcare, government, corporations, educational institutes, and private individuals looking to learn new skills. To get the most out of the course, we do recommend having intermediate Python programming skills, comfort working with math equations and graphs, and familiarity with matrix operations.

Quick Start Leap Access is an add-on upgrade that you can purchase in addition to Quantum Programming Core. While Quantum Programming Core includes 12 minutes of solver access time for the duration of the online training, upgrading to Quick Start Leap Access provides unlimited solver access time for an entire month. This upgrade is only available for first time training participants and can only be purchased with Quantum Programming Core. This upgrade is ideal for individuals and teams who want to quickly get started on quantum application development to solve their real-world problems, and provides significant savings compared to a typical Leap™ quantum cloud subscription. Whether you purchase our Core training or upgrade to Quick Start, you will still receive high-quality and application-focused quantum computing training. 

Yes! Visit our catalog page to select the desired course and session date. You can then select multiple seats to purchase at once or gift a seat to someone else. The recipient(s) will be able to register for the purchased training and create their own learner account(s).

We do not offer scholarships to pay for training courses. However, you can access an extensive library of free resources at https://www.dwavesys.com/learn/resource-library/. You’ll find use cases, technical whitepapers, videos, and much more to help you learn quantum computing. Additionally, we have a catalog of free webinars that you can view on demand.  

You can practice what you learn by signing up for a free Leap trial. Create an account for free time on a D-Wave quantum computer to learn the basics and run your own quantum experiments. 

We do not offer in-person training. Quantum Programming Core is a virtual training course, allowing you to complete all assignments online. However, it does include live instructor office hours where you can speak with a D-Wave expert to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm new ideas.