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Quantum in Financial Services

When it comes to using advanced technology to increase profit, reduce cost, and improve efficiency, financial institutions have often led the way. Today, many of those same companies are at the forefront of exploring how quantum computers can be used to drive competitive advantage.

Delivering Real Business Value Today

The opportunities for better risk management, lower transaction costs and overhead, and better forecasting can add up to billions of dollars in potential gains per year for a firm. In collaboration with Bankia, a Spanish financial services company, Multiverse Computing used the D-Wave hybrid solver service to create a portfolio with 15% risk that yielded a 60% return on investment, whereas randomly selected portfolios at the same level of risk were entirely scattered along a continuum ranging from a 20% return to a 20% loss.

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Unlock Your New Competitive Edge

In a recent industry survey conducted by Hyperion Research, respondents were asked to name the most promising computational workloads for quantum computers in their organization. The two most cited were machine learning applications (49%) and finance-oriented optimization (48%). 

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According to the Boston Consulting Group, quantum computing can unlock long-term value of $42B to $67B for financial institutions. In addition, lower energy consumption of quantum computers can advance sustainability agendas. It is no wonder the FinServ industry is moving quickly.

Optimization is at the Heart of Finance

Complex financial optimization problems can be hard, or even impossible, for classical computers to solve. For a portfolio of just eight assets in which transactions are performed every month for four years, the number of possible configurations is far greater than the number of atoms in the known universe. A quantum-hybrid approach has already tackled this problem successfully.

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Make Quantum Part of Your Digital Strategy Today

D-Wave offers a phased, consultative approach that guides financial services firms along their quantum journey to ensure demonstrable success and early proven ROI. Get started with quantum computing today by working with us on use case identification, problem exploration and formulation, and building real-world in-production quantum applications.

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Ready to Launch Your Quantum Project?

D-Wave Launch™ is designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery to production implementation and accelerate the quantum journey. Engage our in-house professional services teams and technical domain experts to help kick off your first quantum project, train your teams on quantum, and realize real business value faster.

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Problem Discovery

Identify your key quantum use cases, build a proof-of-concept plan, train up your end users

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Quantum PoC

Build a working prototype or proof-of-concept using real application data, scope out production application roadmap

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Production Pilot

Build, test, and deploy a production application using a phased approach

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In Production

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