The Only End-to-End Quantum Platform

We are the only quantum computing company that is a full-stack technology provider. We build and deliver the systems, cloud services, application development tools, and professional services to support the end-to-end quantum computing journey for enterprises and developers.

Hardware and Software: Better Together

The entire ecosystem—from hardware, pre- and post-processing software, open-source tools, and hybrid solvers—is designed for performance. With the Advantage quantum computer and Leap hybrid solvers, businesses can run larger, more complex problems and get better solutions across broader problem classes.

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Leap: Cloud-First and Enterprise-Scale

The Leap™ quantum cloud service delivers immediate, real-time access to our Advantage™ quantum computer and quantum hybrid solver services, all with enterprise-class performance and scalability.

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Advantage: Quantum Computers Built for Business

Advantage is the most powerful and connected quantum computer in the world, featuring 15-way qubit connections and a new processor architecture with 5000 qubits.

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A world-class annealing quantum processor design with continued growth in qubits, connectivity, and coherence.

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Industry-leading superconducting circuit fabrication built to support real-world size applications via our quantum-classical hybrid solver service in Leap.



More than 250 early applications across domains like manufacturing, financial services, and life sciences already exist using D-Wave quantum systems today.

Ocean: Modern Quantum Application Development Tools

Ocean is a suite of open-source Python tools accessible via the Ocean™ software development kit on both the D-Wave GitHub repository and within the Leap quantum cloud service. Ocean empowers developers to experiment, rapidly develop, and harness the power of the Advantage quantum computer to solve complex problems.

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D-Wave Launch: World-Class Quantum Professional Services 

D-Wave Launch helps businesses get started on their quantum journey. Aimed at guiding enterprises from problem discovery through in-production application deployment, D-Wave Launch takes a multi-phased and high-touch approach to support customers’ business success.

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See Our Products in Action

D-Wave users have developed more than 250 early quantum applications across a diverse set of industries. Discover what users have built with D-Wave quantum technology. 

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