The Science Behind D-Wave

Every day new research and experimentation pushes the science behind quantum computing ahead. D-Wave scientists are leaders and active participants in the elite community of quantum experts driving this entirely new industry.

Deep Science With an Eye to Practical Applications

In a milestone study in collaboration with Google, D-Wave scientists demonstrated a computational performance advantage to over 3 million times that of corresponding classical methods. Notably, this work was achieved on a practical application with real-world implications for the development of exotic materials, simulating the topological phenomena behind the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics.

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1800 qubits

were used for this work, which realized Richard Feynman’s vision of a programmable quantum simulator.

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From Theory to Validation

From developing new theories to proving entanglement, our research spans the quantum landscape. Our work has been featured in prestigious publications like Science and Nature.

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It Takes a Village

As one of the most exciting areas of research, quantum inspires scientists around the world to explore D-Wave's technology. From practical applications like traffic optimization, to measuring quantum speedup, to finding the Higgs boson again, researchers are publishing new papers that moves us all forward.

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