December 10, 2018

D-Wave Releases Hybrid Workflow Platform to Build and Run Quantum Hybrid Applications in Leap Quantum Application Environment

Developer preview of D-Wave Hybrid available now for trial and feedback. Provides simple framework for combining classical computing approaches with quantum computing power.

BURNABY, BC – (December 10, 2018) — D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services, today announced a developer preview of D-Wave Hybrid™, a simple, open-source hybrid workflow platform for building and running quantum-classical hybrid applications. D- Wave Hybrid will become part of the Ocean software development kit within D-Wave’s Leap™ Quantum Application Environment (QAE) and is available today at for trial and developer input. The D-Wave Hybrid framework provides simplified workflow control to developers, allowing them to use both classical and quantum systems in parallel, gain insight into systems performance, optimize code across systems, and develop quantum hybrid applications more easily.

The developer preview of D-Wave Hybrid includes:

  • Hybrid workflow control: enables rapid development of hybrid applications that can run across classical and D-Wave 2000Q™ quantum systems.
  • Modular approach: incorporates logic to simplify distribution of classical and quantum tasks, allowing developers to interrupt and synchronize across the systems and draw maximum computing power out of each system.
  • Problem deconstruction: capable of breaking down large problems that are bigger than the quantum processor unit (QPU) into piece parts that are then recombined for the overall solution.
  • Familiar coding environment: built in Python, so developers who code with parallel resources will find the framework familiar and don’t need to know quantum mechanics to get started.
  • Leap QAE access, education, and community support: as part of the Leap QAE, developers who open source their code also benefit from free, real-time access to the D-Wave 2000QTM system, learning resources, and community and technical forums for easy developer collaboration.

D-Wave Hybrid is designed to accelerate developers’ ability to build and run hybrid algorithms, continuing D-Wave’s work to help customers with their real-world quantum application development. To-date, D-Wave customers have developed 100 early applications for problems spanning airline scheduling, election modeling, quantum chemistry simulation, automotive design, preventative healthcare, logistics, and more. Many have also developed software tools that simplify application development. These existing applications, tools, and community give developers a wealth of examples to learn from and build upon.

“The future is hybrid, so we’re opening up this developer preview to gain feedback and input from the community to ensure it is easy for developers to get started harnessing quantum and classical systems running in parallel to solve real problems,” said Murray Thom, D-Wave VP of software and cloud services. “With Leap, we are making it possible for potentially hundreds of thousands of developers to write and run quantum applications, without having to learn the complex physics that underpins quantum computers. The D-Wave Hybrid developer preview reflects our ongoing investment in helping developers learn quantum systems and build the first quantum killer application.”

About Leap Quantum Application Environment

Leap is the first cloud-based QAE providing real-time access to a live quantum computer. In addition to access, Leap provides open-source development tools, interactive demos and coding examples, educational resources, and knowledge base articles. Designed for developers, researchers, and forward- thinking enterprises, Leap enables collaboration through its online community, helping the community write and run quantum applications and speed the development of real-world applications.

Leap offers both free and paid plans designed for individual developers, commercial enterprises, government, research, and education sectors. To find out more and get started using Leap, visit the D- Wave website at

D-Wave Hybrid developer preview can be accessed via GitHub at

About D-Wave Systems Inc.

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