Life At D-Wave

The Details…

  • Employee ownership
  • Flexible working hours
  • Support for conference attendance
  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Encouragement to publish and patent your ideas
  • Competitive benefits package
  • Social events – enjoy events ranging from lunch and learns to street hockey
  • Employee Lounge – relax in our massage chair or play a game of foosball or pool
  • State of the art espresso machine – learn from the best educated baristas around

Why Work at D-Wave?

“What am I proud of?

Here’s the planet with all these people on it, with all these huge critical problems on it, and I get to work in one small place on the planet with this elite group of people, to be able to tackle and solve some of the world’s hardest and most difficult problems socially, politically, environmentally.. and I feel pretty proud that I get to work here, around this. It’s not a regular job, it’s not a regular place.”

Finding Ways to Solve the Hardest Problems

“What’s great is the multi-disciplinary nature of this company. If you’re a qubit physicist at an academic institution it’s like, oh, I’m measuring coherence times, or doing rabi oscillations, but you’re not going to interact very often with people doing real applications.

At D-Wave we’re working on everything from water network optimization to genomic analysis, so you have people thinking about what are you going to do with quantum computers as well as people who are doing fundamental research, or doing experiments, as well as the guys building the IO system.” 

The Expertise and Resources You Need

“When I was in academia I was the person gathering the data, the person running the fridge, the person doing design, and doing all of that in a pretty mediocre way.

At D-Wave there are people really good at doing data, really good at running cryogenic fridges, really good at doing design. So, things happen and stuff gets done and that is something that I’ve really enjoyed coming here from academia, there’s manpower and expertise that I didn’t have before.”

Collaborative Problem Solving

“The company is collaborative by nature, we listen to each other, there’s a lot of very smart people with very strong opinions but we work together.”

“The feedback I’ve gotten from people coming here from graduate school is that there is a very clear objective, ‘we’re going to save the world kind of thing’.. I think most of the people really like each other and there’s a culture of collaboration, it’s not contentious.”

Learning and Real Innovation

“One of the best things about working here is interacting with a diverse group of people, from cryogenics and electronics experts to physicists and software developers and mathematicians. It’s just such a broad range of skills, that’s all thrown together, it’s quite amazing.”

“Xerox PARC, Bell Labs, those places don’t exist anymore and academicians tend to think that’s where more of the innovation is going on. I think there’s more innovation going on in start-up companies, the kind of stuff that changes the world, so you’ll do more science here then you will elsewhere.”

A Work Day At D-Wave

“There’s a total sense of wonder, people think this is so cool.”

“There are no common days. That’s a really good sign, ‘cause there’s nothing worse than going to a job and it’s groundhog day, every freaking day.”

“Everything happens so fast. It seems like we’re talking about something and then we’re doing it in 5 minutes and a few days later, it’s done. Really, it’s amazing, very unique.”

“You’ve got to be constantly forward thinking, you can’t just get yourself into a routine because that routine is not going to be the same one next week.”

The Coolest Things about Working at D-Wave

“Basically we get to be the first people to use the most powerful quantum computers in the world.”

“Well, I think the coolest thing is taking care of systems and the technology that’s helping to power quantum computing. I mean, who else in the world can say that they worked for a quantum IT department?”

“Nobody else is doing this anywhere, They’re not going to find another job, to my knowledge on this planet specifically, maybe elsewhere, that is doing what we are.”

Meet Some of Our Team

Optimization Algorithms Researcher

"Suddenly I had an opportunity to combine difficult mathematics with a concrete goal: developing a completely new type of computer.  So I took it."

Team Member Since: 2013

Experimental Physicist

“I am very impressed with how when someone has an idea or comes up with something, and people say 'we should try that', months later we’re building it, and we’re testing it.  That keeps happening, and keeps impressing me, over and over."

Team Member Since: 2014

Director, Research

"On my first visit I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, passion, and ambition of the team, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. After more than eight years at D-Wave, it is still the caliber of the people I get to work with that means the most to me."

Team Member Since: 2005

Processor Architecture Researcher

“You don't really go into a pure math degree thinking you're going to get a job in industry, but here I am doing what I love, using talents that I never expected to use in a professional setting."

Team Member Since: 2015

Sparse Coding and Deep Learning Researcher

“My favourite project is definitely a marriage between the system and machine learning. I can study the system and then I suddenly realize some of the components of the algorithms I have been working on can be replaced by the system. It's so interesting."

Team Member Since: 2013

Principal Scientist

The project itself is very interesting and exciting. It is both scientific and technological. Moreover, a large collaborative work like this, with high dedication and different expertise, is very rare in most other places.

Team Member Since: 2000

Current Openings

Applications & Algorithms 2 openings

D-Wave’s applications and algorithms team works to design and implement algorithms that take advantage of our unique processor architecture. This includes research and experimentation in optimization, machine learning and other areas of artificial intelligence. This team also works with customers to help them use D-Wave systems to solve their specific problems.  The group includes people with diverse backgrounds in math and computer science.

Business Services 2 openings

The Business Services Team makes sure the company operates as efficiently as possible while safeguarding its assets. The team is focused on ensuring that internal customers receive the highest support and service. The Business Services team consists of Legal & IP, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities, and Finance & Accounting. 

Current Openings

Fabrication 1 opening

The fabrication team is responsible for fabrication research, development and production of D-Wave's processors. The team works closely with our fabrication partner Cypress Semiconductor to achieve the world's most advanced superconducting integrated circuit fabrication process.  

Current Openings

Hardware Engineering 1 opening

D-Wave’s hardware engineering team is responsible for the development of the quantum computer hardware system with the exception of the processor. This includes cryogenic packaging, high precision analogue electronics, and systems software for robust operation and monitoring. The team is responsible for supporting a 20 millikelvin operating temperature and 1 nanotesla magnetic environment.

Current Openings

Processor Development 1 opening

The processor development team does core research and leads development of D-Wave’s quantum processor technology. The team includes experts in quantum computing, performance analysis, chip design and superconductivity. 

Current Openings

R&D Management 1 opening

R&D Management guides our Processor Development, Fabrication, Hardware Engineering and Software teams through the research and development process, formulating and executing on objectives that support the company’s overall strategy.

Current Openings

Sales & Customer Support 1 opening

The Sales and Customer Support team works with leading organizations in industry, government and academia to promote, sell and support D-Wave’s technology. Our diverse team includes people with backgrounds in high performance computing, systems engineering, physics and quantum computing. 

Current Openings

Software Engineering 4 openings

D-Wave’s software engineering team is responsible for the development of the D-Wave quantum computer system software, web portal, documentation and SDKs. The team includes people with background in distributed systems architecture, software engineers, web developers and support engineers.