We understand that success is measured in the value we create for our customers. D-Wave's services and education program helps organizations get started today with quantum computing, and understand how it may benefit their mission and goals. 

Professional Services

D-Wave’s professional services team includes experts in quantum computing, computer science and algorithms development. Combining our expertise with the domain knowledge within your organization is the fastest, most effective way to exploit the power of D-Wave’s technology. We can tailor a professional services engagement to match your needs.


D-Wave offers standard and customized classes on quantum computing and D-Wave technology. We bring our training materials and interactive tutorial demonstrations to user organizations, and cover everything from the physics of the computer to advanced quantum software development. 

Customer support

It can be daunting to introduce a new technology into existing processes, but we work hard so that organizations exploring the potential of our technology can experience great results with the least risk possible. Whether you choose to have a system installed on site or lease time on a system at D-Wave’s location, our multidisciplinary team is there to support you.

For on site installation, our team will install, test, calibrate, and boot up the D-Wave system. A typical installation process takes four weeks and the calibration process takes six weeks.  At the end will have a fully functional D-Wave system ready to be used by your developers. Our support staff will be there after the install to ensure your ongoing success.