Thanks for attending the 2018 D-Wave Qubits North America users conference. Here are the presentations we have permission to share:   

Day 1 Morning

Site Reports:                                                          D-Wave Directions

Lockheed Martin                                                      Company update

Los Alamos National Laboratory                             Hardware Directions                                                          

Oak Ridge National Laboratory                               Software and Cloud - D-Wave Leap

Day 1 Afternoon - Optimization

Telecommunications Network Optimisation - British Telecom

Quantum Computation in a Topological Data Analysis Pipeline - Michigan State

Item Listing Optimization: Recruit

Financial Portfolio Optimization: University of Tenn

Multilevel Quantum Annealing for Graph Partitioning: Clemson

Quantum-Computational Hydrologic Inverse Analysis: LANL

Day 2 Morning  - Machine Learning

Case Studies in Machine Learning: USC

Bayesian Networks based Hybrid Quantum Classical Machine Learning: Army Research Lab

Graph Clustering Approaches using Quantum Annealing - LANL

Classical and Noncommutative Boltzmann Machines: Update from the Magnolia State

Day 2 Morning  - Software Tools and Methods

D-Wave's Ocean Tools - D-Wave

The D-Wave System: Performance Tuning - D-Wave

Day 2 Afternoon  - Software Tools and Methods

Programmation d'un D-Wave en Logique - LANL

Solutions to Systems of Equations from Adiabatic Quantum Computing - Riken

Methods to Improve the Minimization of an Ising Objective Function - UMBC

Efficiently Embedding QUBO Problems on Adiabatic Quantum Computers - RPI

Optimizing Quantum Annealing Performance via Quantum Control - Johns Hopkins / APL

Our Target Applications and Embedding Algorithm of Subproblem - Denso

T-QARD and DENSO: A Great Collaboration for Factory Optimization - Tokoku University

Quantum Programming Infrastructure - LANL

Day 3 - Morning - Materials Simulation and Other Areas

Phase Simulations in a Programmable Quantum Spin Glass Simulator - D-Wave

Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) Transitions using Quantum Annealing - D-Wave

Quantum Annealing for Factorization - Purdue University

Near-Term QC Applications in Industry - Volkswagen

Simulating Electronic Structure on Nosiy Quantum Hardware: from Gate to Annealing Models - OTI Lumionics