Thank you to all the attendees and presenters at the 2019 D-Wave Qubits Europe users conference. As we discussed at Qubits, our Leap Quantum Application Environment is now open for signup in Europe and Japan. If you don't already have access, you can sign up at

Here are the presentations we have permission to share:   

Day 1 

Finding Business Value through Quantum Annealing: Data Reply

Site Updates

US Commercial: Lockheed Martin, Google, QuAIL

Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Los Alamos National Laboratory

D-Wave Directions

Company Update

Next Generation System

Leap Quantum Application Environment

User Applications: Optimization

Flight Gate Assignment with a Quantum Annealer: DLR

Route Optimization for Multimodal Transport Systems: DENSO

Quantum Annealing for Asset Sustainment: GE Research

Quantum Computing Algorithms for Optimised Planning and Scheduling: BAE Systems

Quantum Annealing Based Optimizations of Robotic Movement in Manufacturing: BMW

Site Report: Quantum Applications and Research Lab (QAR-Lab): LMU

Day 2

Hybrid Algorithm Development for Production Applications: Volkswagen

User Applications: Science and Healthcare

Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Annealers: OTI Lumionics

Statistical Classification of High-throughput Multi-nomics Cancer Data on Quantum Computing Architecture: WuXi NextCODE Genomics

Annealing Features, New Algorithms and Methods

Quantum Annealing with Continuous Variables: an Application to Matrix Factorization: Cineca

A Hybrid Quantum-Classical Reccomendation System: Volkswagen

Susceptibility Measurements on the D-Wave 2000Q System: D-Wave

OpenJij: An Open-source Project towards a Unified Annealing Platform: JiJ

Challenging Collaborations with T-QARD: Tohoku University and others

Partition of Large Optimization Problems with One-hot Constraint: DENSO

Quantum as a Business

Quantum Business in Japanese Market: MDR Inc.

Our Experience Developing an Optimization Service Using D-Wave: Groovenauts

User Applications: Optimization 2

Quantitative Reverse Stress Testing using Simulated and Quantum Annealing Applied to XVA: HSBC

Allocating Railway Traffic with QUBO Formulated Models: Data Reply and FSI

Monday Seminar Presentations

Quantum Computing Overview and Technology Approaches: D-Wave

The Quantum Computing Market and What Organizations Need to be Doing: Hyperion Research

Quantum Applications: D-Wave

Introduction to D-Wave Technology and Leap: D-Wave

Programming with the Ocean Tools Suite: D-Wave