Thanks for attending the 2018 D-Wave Qubits Europe users conference. Here are the presentations we have permission to share:   

Day 1 Morning

Site Reports:                                                          D-Wave Directions

Lockheed Martin                                                      Company update

Los Alamos National Laboratory                             Hardware Directions

NASA/USRA                                                            Software, Cloud and Applications

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Day 1 Afternoon

Theoretical Analyses of Anneal Offset and Reverse Anealing

Testing D-Wave 2000Q Latest Annealing Features

Global Mutual Information Feature Selections

State of the European Quantum Technologies Flaghip

Predictive Health Analytics: A Potential Role for Quantum Annealing? (updated)

Day 2 Morning 

Traffic Flow Optimisation and Follow on Projects

Material Simulation

Hands-on Experience with a D-Wave System from a Computer Scientist's View

QASAR - Resutls and Hands On Demonstration of a Joint Project of VW and LMU

Quantum Computing in the Aerospace Industry

Quantum Computational Hydrology

Quantum algorithms for optimised planning – Technical & Business Feasibility Study (Plantagenet)

Day 2 Afternoon

T-QARD: Quantum Computing for Tsunami Evacuation

Simulation on / of Quantum Computers and Quantum Annealer

Quantum Materials Simulation on the D-Wave 2000Q System