Quantum computing will move business, science, and government forward in unprecedented ways by solving problems that are too complex for today’s computational systems. By partnering with visionary industry leaders, we hope to be the first to demonstrate how quantum computing will make an indelible mark on the world.


Systems validation and operational planning for national defense are incredibly complex challenges. Quantum computing could be a powerful new tool for defense contractors and governments in support of their mission to ensure national security.


  • Mission planning and logistics
  • Systems validation and verification
  • Pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Network science and graph theory applications
  • Cyber security

National Labs

National labs are key contributors to advancing knowledge and ensuring peace and security through the development and application of cutting-edge science and technology. Quantum computing can complement the supercomputers these labs depend on, by solving complex problems that can’t be solved today.


  • Optimization problems
  • Graph theory problems
  • Material science
  • Electronic structure problems
  • Theoretical and experimental physics
  • Machine learning


The Internet has had an enormous impact on our everyday lives. Using the Web to advance humanity’s greatest challenges requires radical new approaches like quantum computing.


  • Image and pattern recognition
  • Machine learning
  • Communication
  • Advanced search
  • Cyber security


When time is money, every microsecond counts. Quantum computing will become a significant competitive force in an industry where faster knowledge is power.


  • Risk modeling
  • Trading strategies
  • Detecting market instabilities
  • Developing trading strategies
  • Optimizing trading trajectories
  • Optimizing asset pricing and hedging
  • Optimizing portfolios​


Advances in healthcare, including personalized medicine and cancer research, increasingly depend on technology. Quantum computers will aid in this important research by being able to find better solutions among a vast number of options.



  • Optimizing radiotherapy treatments
  • Generating targeted cancer drug therapies 
  • Creating protein models 



University research advances knowledge, science, and technology. In collaboration with industry, many universities will have access to D-Wave technology.


  • Climate modeling
  • Bioinformatics
  • Weather predictions
  • Exploring quantum computing


The global need for energy continues to increase, and new cost-effective energy sources and processes must be developed. Optimizing energy delivery and usage, and exploring new energy sources depend on complex optimization, well-suited to quantum computers.


  • Energy exploration
  • Seismic survey optimization
  • Reserve and spot trading optimization
  • Reservoir optimization