D-Wave Systems Joins the NSF Center for Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR)

Will Stimulate R&D Efforts to Use Quantum Computing With Classical HPC Approaches

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2014) - D-Wave Systems Inc., the world's first commercial quantum computing company, and the National Science Foundation Center for Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), today announced that D-Wave is joining CHMPR to advance work in combined quantum and classical computing. CHMPR is an elite research consortium committed to addressing the productivity, performance and scalability challenges that come with meeting the demands for increasing computational standards. As a pioneer in the field of quantum computing, D-Wave will provide CHMPR with essential insights into their breakthrough research.

"In my long career, I have had the privilege to work on many supercomputers that were the first of their kind, and have witnessed how these technologies evolved and led the way to industry-wide adoption and breakthrough scientific applications," said Dr. Milton Halem, director of the NSF-funded UMBC Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) and a UMBC research professor. "We are honored to have D-Wave join our Center and offer our students and faculty their first opportunity to access this quantum computer. The scalability of quantum annealing solutions will enable us to address formidable scientific optimization problems of national priority."

CHMPR is recognized globally as the preeminent cooperative research organization for developing multicore architectures and open source tools to advance computing capabilities. CHMPR members are afforded the opportunity to foster closer relationships and collaborate with other leading research institutions, and have direct influence on the selection of cutting-edge research projects within the organization. Research focuses on improving multicore capabilities as well as the new applications made possible by new computing technology such as genetic algorithms for personalized medicine, natural disaster situation-aware assessments, human sensor networks and social media connectivity.

"Our mission at D-Wave is to build a quantum computer that can move the science and business of computing forward by unprecedented leaps and bounds," said Robert "Bo" Ewald, President of D-Wave in the U.S. "Our collaboration with CHMPR will enable us to work even more closely with the world's computing experts to advance quantum technology to solve the types of problems that were previously unsolvable by classical computers."

The current CHMPR membership consists of a highly selective number of leading industry, government and university organizations. Members include D-Wave customers Lockheed Martin and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as well as IBM, LexisNexis, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Northrop Grumman Information Systems.

About D-Wave Systems Inc.

Founded in 1999, D-Wave's mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation. The company's flagship product, the 512-qubit D-Wave Two™ computer, is built around a novel type of superconducting processor that uses quantum mechanics to massively accelerate computation.

In 2013, D-Wave announced the installation of a D-Wave Two system at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab created jointly by NASA, Google and USRA. This came soon after Lockheed Martin's purchase of an upgrade of their 128-qubit D-Wave One™ system to a 512-qubit D-Wave Two computer. With headquarters near Vancouver, Canada, the D-Wave U.S. offices are located in Palo Alto, California and Vienna, Virginia. D-Wave has a blue-chip investor base including Bezos Expeditions, Business Development Bank of Canada, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Goldman Sachs, Growthworks, Harris & Harris Group, In-Q-Tel, International Investment and Underwriting and Kensington Partners Limited.

For more information, visit: www.dwavesys.com.

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