D-Wave Systems Founder and CTO Named in Foreign Policy Magazine’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2013

Burnaby, BC – December 4, 2013 – D-Wave Systems Inc., the world’s first commercial quantum computing company, today announced that Founder and CTO Dr. Geordie Rose has been named one of the 100 Leading Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine in the Innovators category. Dr. Rose was included in this year’s list for his groundbreaking work “fighting to restructure how we see and use computers” in the field of quantum computing. Other honorees include Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, John Kerry, Ben Bernanke and Angela Merkel. The leading thinkers will be honored at the Foreign Policy Transformational Trends Forum taking place in Washington, D.C. on December 11.

Geordie Rose is the Founder and CTO of D-Wave, as well as a leading advocate for quantum computing and physics-based processor design. Dr. Rose holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of British Columbia, specializing in quantum effects in materials. While at McMaster University, he graduated first in his class with a BEng in Engineering Physics, specializing in semiconductor engineering.

“In less than a century, computers have completely transformed what humanity can envision and achieve. Quantum computers have the potential to again transform human capabilities. We’re not interested in incremental advances. We want to enable a future as different from today as today is from the turn of the 20th century. I appreciate the recognition from Foreign Policy of the importance of such truly disruptive, groundbreaking and high risk technology development,” said Dr. Rose.

In 2013, working with Google, NASA and USRA, D-Wave installed its newest system, the D-Wave Two™ 512-qubit quantum computer, at the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at the NASA Ames Research Center. In the same year, Lockheed Martin upgraded their 128-qubit system to D-Wave’s latest processor generation.

To date, D-Wave has been granted over 100 U.S. patents, and in 2012 the company’s patent portfolio was ranked #4 for computer systems in IEEE Spectrum’s Patent Power Scorecard. The company has also published over 60 peer-reviewed papers, including publications in Nature, Science and Physical Review.

In the coming year, Dr. Rose and his team will continue their groundbreaking work in quantum computing; developing real-world applications in fields as diverse as personalized medicine, planetary exploration and machine learning.


About D-Wave Systems Inc.

Founded in 1999, D-Wave's mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation. The company's flagship product, the 512-qubit D-Wave Two™ computer, is built around a novel type of superconducting processor that uses quantum mechanics to massively accelerate computation.

In 2013, D-Wave announced the installation of a D-Wave Two system at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab created jointly by NASA, Google and USRA. This came soon after Lockheed-Martin's purchase of an upgrade of their 128-qubit D-Wave One™ system to a 512-qubit D-Wave Two computer. With headquarters near Vancouver, Canada, the D-Wave U.S. offices are located in Palo Alto, California and Vienna, Virginia. D-Wave has a blue-chip investor base including Bezos Expeditions, Business Development Bank of Canada, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Goldman Sachs, Growthworks, Harris & Harris Group, In-Q-Tel, International Investment and Underwriting, and Kensington Partners Limited.

For more information, visit: www.dwavesys.com.

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