2011 Technology Impact Award Finalists Announced - BC Companies Making Their Mark on the World


VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA - Today the BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) announced the finalists for the 2011 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs). Under the awards theme of 'BC's Mark on the World', the 2011 finalists reaffirm British Columbia's status as a global leaders in clean energy and innovative software solutions, including mobile computing.

"This year we find ourselves celebrating companies who have made substantial gains in technology and market development during one of the most trying business environments in the past 70 years," observed Pascal Spothelfer, President and CEO of the BCTIA. "This year's finalists demonstrate the breadth and depth of the engineering talent found in British Columbia and our ability to attract some of the best and brightest in the world", Spothelfer added. "They have continued the trend of BC companies creating solutions that are benefiting people and companies around the world."

The finalists represent a broad range of technologies including enterprise, mobile and social media software; power electronics, imaging and microprocessor hardware, including quantum processing; and unique lighting and hybrid Stirling/Thermoacoustic devices. Their solutions can be found in a number of environments including healthcare, retail, financial services, research labs, telecommunications, green building and power utilities.

The Technology Impact Awards are broken into three groups: Technology Awards, Company Awards, and Personal Recognition Awards. D-Wave was amongst the chosen finalists in the "Excellence in Product Innovation" category.

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