H&H on the Cutting Edge - The Rise of Quantum Computing

"As an investor in transformative companies enabled by disruptive science, Harris & Harris Group is proud to be on the cutting edge of science and business.  In February 2014, we were recognized by Forbes as one of the few venture capital investors investing in meaningful technology companies.  Additionally, we were recognized by the data firm Grant IQ as the number one investor in innovation as measured by the number of SBIR-backed companies per total companies in our portfolio.  We believe Harris & Harris Group is on the cutting edge of science and business.

From our vantage point, a radical change is coming to the world of classical computing and to the approaches currently to solve big data problems.  The rise of quantum computing has begun.  For public investors we believe Harris & Harris Group (NASDAQ:TINY) provides the only channel currently for early exposure to this potential landscape-changing opportunity."

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