E&T: How quantum computers are transforming travel

Heidi Vela

"While still in an early stage of development quantum computers are already making an impact in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

As cars become increasingly connected and aircraft ever more sensor-laden, automotive and aerospace companies are making a transition from being ‘nuts and bolts’ manufacturers to so-called ‘mobility companies’ that collect and use unprecedented amounts of data.

Data, it is believed, will provide new insights to help shape the future of transport, via futuristic business models and technologies that will mitigate the many challenges presented by growing populations and increasing congestion amid the need for decarbonisation.

All information, however, requires processing at super-fast speeds if it’s to be useful. To do this, companies are exploring not only AI and machine learning but also the more experimental realm of quantum computing, to see if it can extract better solutions faster than the classical equivalent."

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