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Apr 1011, 2018

Qubits Europe: D-Wave Users Conference

D-Wave hosted its first European "Qubits" Users conference in Munich Germany on April 11 and 11. The conference included  site updates from D-Wave customers Lockheed Martin, NASA/USRA, Los Alamos National Lab and Oak Ridge National Lab.  

There were also lots of diverse and interesting talks from users about their work using D-Wave systems. These included talks on:

  • Mobile advertising optimization
  • Predictive healthcare analytics
  • Traffic flow optimization
  • Materials simulation
  • Quantum annealing for aerospace applications
  • Quantum computing for tsunami evacuation
  • Quantum computational hydrology

There were also technical discussions of quantum annealing control features, directions presentations from D-Wave, and a talk from the "father" of quantum annealing, Prof. Dr. Hidetoshi Nishimori.

You can access many of the presentations here: https://www.dwavesys.com/qubits-europe-2018

Thanks to all who attended and we will do it again next year in Europe!