D-Wave participates in a number of conferences and trade shows each year, and we also host seminars and webcasts about quantum computing and D-Wave technology. Check here for upcoming events.

Apr 45, 2018

April 4 and 5: Quantum Computing Seminars

Over the past year we have seen tremendous progress in many areas relating to quantum computing - from hardware and systems, to software tools, to applications, and to an increasingly diverse set of users. To discuss what's new and how these systems are being used, we are pleased to announce our annual quantum computing seminars in the Washington DC area. Join us Wed, April 4 or Thurs, April 5. 

These seminars are open to government employees and contractors, university personnel, and others involved in federal government programs. Please email seminar@dwavesys.com if you qualify and would like to attend.


  • The state of quantum computing in 2018
  • Update on the D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer
  • Software tools and the expanding ecosystem
  • Application examples - optimization, machine learning, sampling and more
  • Q&A
  • Lunch and discussion