Building a Quantum Computing Industry

Building a Quantum Computing Industry

D-Wave was founded in 1999, and for many years we were the only company focused on developing and commercializing quantum computing technology. Today we are starting to see the beginning of a quantum computing industry. Consider this from a new IDC report entitled "Quantum Computing in the Real World":

"Already, about 7,000 researchers around the world are working in the field of quantum computing. Annual research spending is on the order of $1.7 billion. (Source: European Commission Workshop on Quantum Technologies and Industry. May 6, 2015. Brussels.)"

This spending includes funding from governments, universities and businesses, such as:

  • £37 million investment from the UK government for the UK’s National Quantum Technologies Programme
  • The Dutch government, research institute TNO and other organizations will invest €135m in the development of a super fast quantum computer
  • $50 million has been committed from Intel to quantum computing research
  • Microsoft, IBM and Google have research groups working on quantum computing

Investment, research and commercialization efforts aren't limited to quantum hardware. Over the past few years new quantum computing software companies have been started and are developing the layers needed to make quantum systems more broadly usable and useful. Companies like 1QBit, QxBranch and others are building the new quantum computing ecosystem that will help build an industry devoted to the next era of computing.

Where there is an industry there are analysts to report on it. Investment firm Paradigm Capital has initiated financial coverage of D-Wave, according to this article in the Cantech Letter. IDC analysts Steve Conway, Earl C. Joseph and Robert Sorensen, longtime experts on the HPC market, have authored the new IDC report, sponsored by D-Wave. You can download it here

No doubt, this is the beginning of something special.