Breaking through 1000 Qubits

Breaking through 1000 Qubits

Today, we’re excited to announce a significant scientific and engineering achievement: we’ve officially broken the 1000 qubit barrier. Our newest quantum processor is over 1000 qubits - about double the size of our previous generation processor, and far exceeding the size of any other quantum processor. This updated processor will allow significantly more complex computational problems to be solved than ever before.

As far as the exact number of qubits in the new processor, it varies somewhat for each specific processor. The 1,000+ qubit processor was designed to deliver a 1,152 qubit region out of a complete 2,048 qubit fabric. The additional qubits give us flexibility to select the 'sweet spot' of the processor, which results from the analog nature of the quantum devices and their sensitivity to parametric variation across the processor. As with previous generations, magnetic offsets and manufacturing variability inherent in the superconductor circuit fabrication push some of these qubits out of the performance range. Those qubits are disabled during the qualification process. In all cases, these processors will have significantly more than 1,000 qubits.

Beyond the scaling of the qubits,  we've implemented other important innovations. The new processor will run in an environment 40% colder than the previous generation, which operated at about 20 mK. Reduced noise and increased control circuitry precision enhance problem-solving performance. All of these upgrades have been incorporated into a processor with over 128,000 Josephson junctions, which we believe makes it the most complex superconductor integrated circuit ever built.

These processors will soon be available in our new systems, which we will be announcing in the near future. Stay tuned.

Jeremy Hilton, VP Processor Development


For more details about the 1000 qubit processor, see the full release here. A new processor will be on display at the upcoming GEOINT conference in Washington, DC., at D-Wave’s booth, #10076.