Bill Blake

I am very sad to report that Bill Blake, D-Wave Systems’ Executive VP of R&D, passed away this week. Though only with D-Wave for a short time — Bill joined us in September of 2014 — he made a significant and incredibly positive impact on both the future of D-Wave's products and the people at our company. Responsible for processor development, hardware engineering and software design, he not only drove advancements for our technology, but was an intelligent and caring individual who had an immense passion for technology.

Bill had a tremendous career as a technology leader for more than three decades. As CTO at Cray Inc., he was responsible for defining their next generation of supercomputers and expanding their large-scale data analytics strategy. Prior to Cray Inc, Bill held various leadership positions at Microsoft’s Technical Computing group, Interactive Supercomputing, Netezza, Digital Equipment Corporation and Compaq. He also sat on boards of TotalView Technologies, Terascala, Cluster File Systems, Unlimited Scale, Sandia National Laboratories, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and the Boston CommonAngels.
Bill will be missed by many, and will be remembered both for the contributions he made to the advancement of technology and to the impact he made personally to those who knew him. Should you wish to convey any condolences or memories of Bill to his family you can send them to

Vern Brownell