An Investor's View of D-Wave

An Investor's View of D-Wave

Two of the most important early decisions that D-Wave's founders made were to set the objective of building the first commercial quantum computer, and to fund the company through a venture capital approach.  Both of these were crucial decisions that allowed the company to make the incredible progress it has made on so many fronts - from basic research to the development and manufacturing of quantum processors and the many systems components required to house them, to software development, to sales and services success.

Our founders knew that undertaking such a huge endeavor would require investors with a long term, strategic vision of the potential of this technology and who were willing to assume the risk of making such a bold bet. In a recent blog post, one of our early investors and board member Alexei Andreev writes:

"What D-Wave was trying to do was and is incredibly complex from scientific, technological, and manufacturing standpoints. What makes such a project specifically challenging is that the probability of failure tends to grow as a square of complexity. Getting the right financial resources in place added yet another level of complexity, turning D-Wave Systems into something of a Manhattan Project. It is a huge undertaking that pushes the boundaries of science and technology, an approach that is orthogonal to the smaller, more derivative startups venture capital is funding these days."

Read Alexei's full blog post and find out how he views that investment today.


Susan Davis, D-Wave Marketing