Explaining Quantum Computing

One of the goals of our new website is to help visitors better understand the complex subject of quantum computing. While we have posted some tutorials and links to many scientific papers related to D-Wave and quantum computing, we also want to provide content that is more suitable to those without backgrounds in physics and advanced math. After all, the idea is that quantum computing can become a resource for a broad set of applications that serve the needs of different groups and organizations. Given the diversity of backgrounds of people who visit our site - from business people to technology experts to interested consumers to journalists and scientists - it is a challenge to provide content suitable for all.

But that is what we hope to do effectively, over time, in different forms such as videos, eBooks, white papers and recorded webcasts.

We have quite a few videos on the site already, but we are working on new ones that help explain the different ways to program a D-Wave quantum computer. (And, as our software layer continues to grow, there will be more options that make it easier than it is today). We have completed our first video on this topic, which, like the white paper that accompanies it, uses a simple map coloring problem to explain one way to program the system.  We realize the video may still be a bit difficult for some, but we are committed to doing others that start out with the basics.

Thanks for visiting!